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Engineering Insurance for Lifts & Boilers

Our engineering insurance for lifts and boilers, which we offer as an extension to our buildings cover, fulfils the statutory inspection required by law. Lifts and communal boilers in a block of flats / apartments are legally required to be subject to periodic statutory inspections. In the case of passenger lifts this is twice a year and in respect of communal boilers once a year.

We can provide this service as an extension to our policy and, in addition to the statutory inspection, we also provide insurance cover for sudden and unforeseen damage. You would still need a maintenance contract for your lifts / boilers and the insurance cover does not include routine maintenance or wear and tear.

The statutory inspection can be arranged by your maintenance company but they are not normally able to offer insurance cover. Most blocks of flats / apartments, therefore, arrange this through their insurance company or insurance advisor. However, we can only provide the insurance cover for sudden and unforeseen damage where we also arrange the statutory inspection.

As part of the statutory inspection service a site log would be kept at a pre-agreed location (normally the plant room or the top of a lift shaft) and you would be issued with reports after each inspection. These would identify any immediate actions required to maintain safety, items that would need to be considered by the maintenance company in their routine servicing as well as any long term / non-urgent recommendations.

You should also note that communal boilers and boilers in rented flats are also required to have a gas certificate issued annually. This would need to be arranged by a certified "gas safe" gas engineer. The gas safe website at would provide you with details of qualified engineers in your area

Flats which are owner occupied are not currently normally required to have gas certificate issued annually, albeit they will need to carry a current certificate in order to sell the flat. Some management companies however arrange gas certification on all the flats in a block which is considered to be a good safety measure.