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Legal Expenses Extension for Flats
Buildings Insurance

This fairly inexpensive extension provides protection for legal costs and expenses arising in connection with the ownership and leasing of residential property with a limit of indemnity available from £50,000 to £500,000.

Cover includes:

Property Protection - cover to pursue a civil action following events which cause or could cause damage to your property, a nuisance or trespass where the amount in dispute exceeds £1,000

Legal Defence for criminal action or civil actions which are taken against you for any non-motor related incidents arising in connection with the business. This includes cover for prosecution under Health and Safety or Data Protection legislation

Contract Disputes - cover is provided to negotiate disputes relating to a contract you have entered into with a customer or supplier for the purchase or sale of goods or services where the amount in dispute exceeds £250

Debt Recovery - cover for your legal rights to recover money and interest due from the sale or provision of goods or services where the amount in dispute exceeds £100

Full or Aspect Enquiries - cover for appeal proceedings in respect of a Full Enquiry and/or Aspect Enquiry carried out by HM Revenue and Customs

Cover starts at only £63 for blocks of less than 25 flats.

Please note that in order to protect the management company, residents association or RTM company they should be noted as the policyholder or joint insured.