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Discounted Contents Offer Acceptance Criteria

This offer is subject to following:

  • The flat is located in Great Britain (not including N Ireland), the Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • You or your partner does not have one of  these occupations
  • No person to be insured has ever had any criminal convictions, police cautions or have any prosecutions pending
  • No person to be insured has ever had insurance refused, cancelled or offered with terms imposed
  • You and any additional proposer are over 16 years of age.
  • The flat is not left unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days
  • The flat has never suffered from flooding and is not in an area at risk of flooding
  • The flat has not suffered from subsidence, heave or landslip and you are not aware of any damage in the immediate vicinity of the property
  • The flat is not used for any business purposes other than clerical homeworking
  • The flat is in a good state of repair
  • The flat is not used as a holiday flat or weekend flat
  • Any one of your valuables does not exceed £2,000 in value and the total value of valuables must not exceed the following limits:  1 or 2 bedroom flats = £8,000  3 bedroom flats = £10,000
  • The flat is occupied by yourself and not let or lent or occupied by tenants or paying guests
  • The flat has approved door and window locks
  • You have not suffered any loss, damage, injury or liability in the last three years from any of the events you wish to insure against.
  • The total value of your contents as new is no greater than £55,000 being the full cost of replacing all the property at today’s prices (apart from clothing and household linen, where we may make a deduction for wear and tear and loss in value).

Please Note:
In certain circumstances we are unable to provide this offer. When this offer applies you will be advised when we provide a quotation for the buildings.

In the event that the policy covering the buildings is cancelled in its first year then the offer will be withdrawn and you will be offered the option to pay an additional premium if you wish to keep the policy in force.